Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Eco-Friendly Design & Local Color Inspiration

Even though Minnesota is currently in the middle of a deep freeze, consumers are seeing GREEN everywhere they look! The eco-friendly “green” trend of today is not the tree-hugging, holier-than-thou movement from days of yore. Today’s consumer has countless ways to practice being green, and can even save a little green in their wallets by doing so. The design community is placing more emphasis than ever on locally sourced products and resource conservation features like “green” rooftops and backyard vegetable gardens. In addition, handmade items crafted by local artisans from raw, natural materials cut down on manufacturing waste and can easily add a unique touch to your home’s d├ęcor. A movement to “own” one’s heritage and support the local community is becoming more and more prevalent.

Take a look around your own neighborhood and take the time to notice its unique colors and architecture. You’re sure to walk away with a new perspective and perhaps some inspiration! The photos throughout this entry of of local colors that inspired this slate kitchen design.

Welcome! Enjoy Your Global Color Inspiration

How better to start my blog than with some interesting facts on COLOR! Some of you might know me and realize that fun, vibrant colors are part of my trademark. Color is a necessary, vital part of my life, my home, my clothes and my uniqueness in working with my clients! My goal is to bring COLOR and even ART to my clients’ lives and homes, specifically in their kitchens and baths. With our current economic downturn, we are seeing color trends moving toward the less chromatic and less intense hues – which is definitely a shift from the bold, saturated color palettes we have seen in homes in the past year. With conservative spending attitudes, color selection is also
expected to trend toward “safer” choices. According to the Associated Press, the most influential color of 2009 will be “Sunny Yellow” in response, no doubt, to the gloom most of us are feeling over the current state of the economy.

Other influences are the current “green” movement as well as whatSherwin Williams calls the “Global Tapestry,” referring to the fact that consumers are traveling more and are likely to be influenced by colors they experience in other countries and cultures. Hues from Russia (jewel tones and berry shades), East Asia, Latin America (primary, rainbow colors) and the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics (red and gold hues) are becoming more and more commonplace. So, if you can’t travel abroad, at least you can bring a worldly feel to your kitchen and bath!

The photos in this post are some global influences that inspired me, and the kitchen design project that was designed from these influences.