Friday, January 29, 2010

Surround yourself with colors you love

As the new year starts, I am anxiously awaiting the articles about new colors for 2010! As I looked over some articles I’ve enjoyed in the past, I came across one of my favorites from Martha Stewart Living Magazine, May 2009. It was written by Celia Barbour, with still-life palettes by Johnny Miller. Here are some clips from this article, titled “Living with Color”:

Typically, I have called the “safe” colors, like tans, beiges, grays, whites, sage greens, light blues and yellows, “Martha Stewart Colors,” but after seeing the wonderful color palettes on page 109 I’m changing my tune! I even love the names of the paint colors and can envision them being used in future kitchen and bath projects for myself and for my clients!

Take “Habanero Pepper, #1306” by Benjamin Moore or “Venetian Blue, #22-12” by Pratt & Lambert or Benjamin Moore’s “Chic Lime, #396” for example (shown below on guideline #1).

Those of you who know me or have been clients have experienced my love of color, especially the shades of lime green that are ever-present in my own clothing and accessories! “Fresh Tarragon” was one of the largest paint “blobs” on the page; it was vivid and it was one of Martha’s colors, MS298. You go, girl!

The rest of Martha’s colors on this sheet fit into my impression of “safe” colors, but I’m planning to get some of her other paint chips to see if I can discover any more VIVID colors that make me smile!

The rest of the article had some great guidelines to follow:
1. A new spin on primaries: Primary colors can be your starting point, however, reinterpreted colors work like this: red becomes salmon, yellow becomes chartreuse, blue becomes teal, and so on.

2. One color many shades: A monochromatic palette can be easy and carefree! The intense, saturated hues should be used for small objects while the larger surfaces can use the more neutral colors.

3. Color plus pattern: When using complementary colors, which can be very high-contrast, mix them together by using prints instead of solid colors.

4. Sophisticated pastels: Bring harmony to your pastel colors by using the same degree of intensity. Gold and glass can add extra sparkle!

I’m off to San Miguel de Allende for a couple of days and I know I will be inspired by the warm and enticing colors of the Mexican culture. I will continue to look for great articles to share with you about new colors for 2010!

*All photos courtesy of Martha Stewart Living Magazine

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