Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Chic

Jonathan Adler
Jonathan Adler, the self-proclaimed creator of “happy chic,” is a genius when it comes to incorporating unexpected bright, cheerful colors into spaces. He also has some great tips for incorporating color into your interiors.

1 - Mix and match with panache. Don’t be tentative with patterns -- if you keep your color scheme restrained, you can approach patterns with wild abandon.

2 - Paint your floors white. You’ll feel carefree.

3 - Orange is the poppiest color and the answer to most decorating conundrums.

4 - Chocolate brown and baby blue are perfect together. They’re uptown, they’re downtown, they’re classic and fashion forward.

5 - Replace white walls with unexpected neutrals like camel, olive, or baby blue.

6 - Primary colors are happy colors – using them abundantly can definitely improve moods.

Be sure to check out his website,, for some color inspiration – it will be sure to make you happy!

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