Friday, July 29, 2011

Northwoods Spiff-Up

Challenging surprises can always arise whenever you do a home remodeling project, whether it’s budget, space or unknown structural problems. While spiffing up the kitchen in my beloved 60-year-old cabin on Moccasin Lake near Ely, Minnesota, I was faced with a unique test: installing new countertops, cabinets and tile backsplash without running water or electricity!

It was a fun spiff-up project and I’m thrilled with the results. I had been thinking and planning the project for years and it was great fun to see my vision executed.

Here is a before shot:

And here's the after!

Even though I don’t have running water or electricity, I installed a farmhouse sink which makes washing dishes much easier!

Without question, the showpiece of the spiff-up is the beautiful lime green field tile with bubble tiles in all of my favorite colors from Mercury Mosaics. The organic yet colorful tile looks perfect in our rustic cabin.

The Details:

· Cabinets: Holiday and Ikea

· Iron cabinet hardware and rock knobs: Mealey’s Gift and Sauna Shop, Ely, MN

· Countertops: Arborite Laminate

· Farm skink: Franke

· Artistic custom tile: Mercury Mosaics

· New propane range: All, Inc.

· Amazing helpers: Pat Besanson, Peggy Magnuson, Laura Dupont, and Dave Zupec, a contractor from Ely, MN.

Now onto the next spiff-project at the cabin: the bedroom!

Color and Texture

This renovated century-old farmhouse nestled in the foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains immediately caught my attention. Architect Alan Dynerman kept the home’s original character and then incorporated layers of color and textures to create an inviting and relaxed space. I love the use of colors throughout the home!
I love blue! And the cobalt custom cabinetry is a warm, yet striking statement.
Turquoise trim beautifully complements the yellow stucco walls and smooth fieldstone floors.
The painted metal roof, yellow stucco siding and blue and turquoise trim fit in perfectly with its beautiful mountain country surroundings.

The Power of Red

Lex Croft
Scientists have discovered that color really can create an advantage for the wearer. The perfect example is red, which, according to Sherwin William’s Stir Magazine and other sources:

- Makes your metabolism work slightly faster

- Gives you more strength and will to get active

- Is a great color to wear if you want to triumph over a competitor or attract romantic attention

- Gives athletes a small, but important advantage over competitors

- A woman wearing the color is more likely to be considered attractive – and more likely to be asked on a date

- Is a great color to wear if you want to triumph over a competitor

- In advertising, red is used to make people take action

Use red in a room if you feel like you need to wake up and stop procrastinating!

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