Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All About ORANGE—Including A Fall Inspired Kitchen


Fall is here and that means lots of orange – one of my favorite colors. It’s everywhere now. We see it in the changing leaves, lady bugs, mums and of course, pumpkins.

Orange was a favorite color of mid-century modern design, like in this egg chair by Ame Jacobsen.

Today orange is popping up everywhere once again - in advertising, furniture, clothing and accessories. Isn't this a great bag?

Who knew Home Depot would turn out to be such a trend setter?

Because orange is in the red family it causes strong reactions in almost everybody! We either love it or hate it!

Orange is fun and flamboyant. It exudes warmth and energy! The color affects us physically by stimulating activity, appetite and socialization. Let’s party!

Orange cars (I want one!) convey that their owners are fun-loving, talkative, fickle (that’s NOT me!), and trendy. 

There is no blue without yellow and without orange. 
- Vincent Van Gogh 


Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.
- Wassily Kandinsky

- Many Native Americans associate the color orange with kinship.
- In China and Japan orange is used to symbolize happiness and love.
- In early Christianity orange symbolized gluttony.

For all these reasons and more I like using orange—especially in kitchens—because that’s where families gather to tell stories about their day, share good food, and perhaps rock out with some good music and get a little silly and flamboyant. 

for more fun facts about orange.


Nothing is more glorious in fall than blazing orange foliage set against a backdrop of vivid greenery. 
Fall inspiration colors were just what my client wanted for the renewal of her 1900’s South Minneapolis kitchen. She was not afraid to use color. In fact, she especially wanted to update the orange of her old kitchen. Plus, she loves handmade tile. A client after my own heart!
This kitchen needed a color update and an entirely new floor plan to open up the space, absorb the eating area, add counter space in key work zones, and better utilize the storage capacity of the pantry – which was entirely taken over by the refrigerator. A tiny landing to the right of the existing range and an unvented microwave posed safety hazards.

Orange makes its own statement on the walls and in Roger Mayland’s stunning handmade tile details. (North Prairie Tileworks) The sea green tile backsplash perfectly picks up the green flecks in the Aquarius granite counters from Amsum and Ash. Natural maple for the upper cabinets blends with the light woods of the floor and butcher-block counter and contrasts with the sandalwood alder bases.


My clients’ eyes are the same sea green as the backsplash, and her hair is a great strawberry/red hair color. She matches her new kitchen perfectly!

All major appliances had to be relocated to improve flow in the main traffic zones. When the refrigerator came out of its former home in the pantry, much needed storage space was gained.
The appliance shuffle in the main kitchen blocked a doorway to the dining room. Solution? Refashion the doorway, keep the trimwork and create a pass-thru, making it a lovely interior window into the Fall Kitchen. 

The sink was moved to the corner to allow for prep space around the other appliances. 

The client loves her new kitchen: "I can't tell you how wonderfully the layout for the kitchen is working out. It is a dream to cook and clean in there!"

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