Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Mexico Inspirations

In March I took a trip to my beloved New Mexico with my Mother and cousin.  We had a marvelous time.

I drew constant inspiration from the colors of the landscape, the architecture and the art that surrounded me.

Natural and bright colors are found everywhere there!

The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum
It is impossible to be in Sante Fe and not pay homage to Georgia O’Keeffe. Visiting the museum dedicated to her work and influences always affirms and magnifies my own love for New Mexico.

This is Cerro Pedernal, viewed from Ghost Ranch near Abiquiu,
New Mexico, a favorite subject for O’Keeffe.
I painted it often enough thinking that, if I did so, God would give it to me.

Known for her vibrant use of color, O’Keefe talked about it in a way that sings to my soul: 

Color is one of the great things in the world that makes life worth living to me and as I have come to think of painting it is my efforts to create an equivalent with paint color for the world, life as I see it.

International Folk Museum
The International Folk Museum contains the world’s largest collection of folk art – and enjoys the generous support of individual collectors, notably the private collection of  more than 106,000 objects given by a designer/hero of mine, Alexander Girard. (See my June 2010 Blog extolling his use of bright colors in his mid-century modern textile designs.

In giving their gift, Alexander and Susan Girard hoped visitors would see connections, the common bond, among the peoples of the world.

I believe we should preserve this evidence of the past, not as a pattern for sentimental imitation, but as nourishment for the creative spirit of the present.

- Alexander Girard

Cardona-Hine Fine Arts Gallery
My friendship with Alvaro Cardona-Hine and Barbara McCauley goes back almost 30 years – when we all lived in St. Paul. They moved to New Mexico over 20 years ago and I have followed their success as internationally known and collected oil and acrylic artists through their website

While driving the High Road to Taos we passed through the tiny town of Truchas and I suddenly realized we must be moments away from their gallery. We had to stop. It was so good to see them and hear about their wonderful art filled life in this tiny village in New Mexico. 

Alvaro took us into his studio and showed us many of his wonderful works of art. This unexpected side trip and gallery tour was the highlights of the entire trip. I do hope I can get back there again to see them soon!

This trip confirmed it; New Mexico has my heart. Someday I hope to live there – but until then, I hold her land, art and people in my mind as constant inspiration!

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