Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Arizona Color Inspiration!

Summer is finally here! Since last winter, I have been dreaming about soaking up the sun and relaxing with friends outside. Last January I took a trip to Phoenix and was out in the sun every chance that weekend - it was a great way to recharge in the middle of winter! 

Here are some photos from my trip. These first three are from a hike in Sedona. The colors of the red rock against the clear blue sky just take my breath away.  Orange and blue... A great combination for a punch of color!
The middle photo is from a park where a local resident loves to place heart-shaped rocks in tree branches, driftwood and bushes. It was such a joy to find the surprises perfectly placed in nature.

These photos are from the fantastic Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. The center photo is from the entrance of the building - a beautiful stained glass cactus sculpture by Dale Chiliuly. There were other sculptures by various artists throughout the gardens. These color combinations were more related greens and oranges, especially the bright adobe wall against the prickly cactus plants. 

The last photo (above, lower right) was a very simple water feature which I might try to duplicate when I move to the fantastic sun and blue skies of New Mexico!

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Janet Derville said...

I love that cactus. I had to spend several minutes to fully recognize it. Looks very natural and authentic. I did not believe stained glass making can be so great.