Thursday, November 21, 2013

Make it Mid Century Modern!

The mid century modern style has returned to this century and it is a period that reminds me of my parents, who are both artists, and some of the items in my home growing up. 
Our house was not mid century modern but an old parsonage house built in the early 1900’s. My mother called it the funky farmhouse since that was her background!  They pulled down all the old wood moldings around the archways between the rooms, painted the walls all white, which my father believed was the best color on which to display art, and they painted the ceilings bright colors to get their pop of color.
Besides my Dad’s colorful paintings, that is where I get my intense love of color. The colors of my business branding are those mid century colors: lime green, turquoise and orange. I love to see them commonly used now in fashion and home furnishings!
We lived with furniture pieces designed during that period by famous designers like George Nelson, Herman Miller, Charles and Ray Eames, and Harry Bertoia (however, we could only afford the knock-offs).

This blog post was inspired from a mid century modern house I am currently working on in Falcon Heights. It is part of the U of M properties - some designed by leading architect Ralph Rapson and other professors from the U of M.
I started doing research on the colors of mid century modern and found some delightful combinations (see possible palettes below). We painted the cabinets a grey with tinges of teal to blend with a granite and painted the walls a clay orange color! We ordered some fun drum fixtures with orange mums printed on them.

As you can see and read.... I have a strong background in color and it shows in my work. My love for mid century modern is my upbringing and it is so fun that the style has made a comeback 60 years later. Whoops - I am giving away my age!  I firmly believe in the power of color to affect or change our moods and I love that part about my services. I tell my clients I want to gently take them a little out of your comfort zone if they are open to that journey with me. I strive to make people smile with delightful color combinations that brighten our lives every day!


Unknown said...

I agree completely that even parsonage homes can re innovated with modern home designs

Linda Aurie said...

Looks awesome and i love it. I would love to see making stained glass in a stool back